One-On-One with Frederic Larson
If you have ever wondered how to set up strobe lighting equipment to produce high quality images in a studio atmosphere, or just want to go out shooting with a professional photographer and pick his brain ...then this  workshop is for you.  Larson will walk you through how he achieves a different look through various situations and will teach you his skills he uses to achieve the natural look in a control setting or out in the field.  You will be taught how to make professional looking portraits with the gear you bring to the workshop and bring you places photographically you haven't dreamed. Larson will also help you professionally as a photo-coach in making right decision through your art.

Street Photography

Bring your walking shoes and your camera to San Francisco’s or Hawaii's backstreets as Larson will show you some hidden secrets of these unique districts.  We’ll tour the back alleys of these cities which is off the beaten path of most tourists and capture interesting portraits. You’ll be taught by Larson how to take photographs that tell-a-story in documentary Street style photography. A great opportunity to explore this area and shoot interesting photographs for publication to any travel magazine.  ​

Great Moments in Great Light workshop is a “hands-on workshop over serveral days during Spring or Summer break for both adults and teens. Much of the workshop time will be split into short field trips, lectures and computer/scanning training. You (or your teen) will be given daily photographic assignments that they will download into social media sites. This workshop will teach the basic skills of a digital camera including the smart phone. Both Adobe Photo-shop and Final Cut Pro will be introducted into this workshop. You will design and build your own photographic project(s) through the the high standards used in newspaper/magazine page layout and design.  You will create daily story telling photographs. Macintosh experience is strongly advised as well being familiar with a digital camera, but not required. 
Private and Group Workshops